Born in 1988, in Nantes. Baccalauréat (French secondary school diploma), Literature major. Law studies: Master of European and International Economic Law, Master of Maritime Law. Diplôme technologique Universitaire, French as Foreign Language. Addict to: literature, medias, cinema (Ozu, Kurosawa), travel.

About this blog

In this blog, I write about my travels and long-stay abroad (Russia, Uzbekistan …) and about countries’ culture and society, but more importantly about Japan.

I believe that, in order to discover fully a country, you have to go beyond the first reaction (surprise, shock) of the traveler. Travel broadens the mind, they say. I return to France, each time with a newfound humility. There is no good or bad cultures, it is making the effort to modesty and understanding that gives us little by little the keys to a people, and ultimately, our people.

Living in Tokyo, I am interested in Japan’s culture and society, the good and the bad, the grey areas, the unsaid, what is often left out from guidebooks. I want to share a piece of that Japan that I love so much, through articles about my daily life and my experiences.

I am passionate about many current issues in Japan, whether economic (neo-capitalism …), policies (including diplomacy between Japan  / USA, Japan / Russia, Japan / China and Japan / Okinawa …), cultural (art and design), legal (labor law …) and sociological (sexism, racism in Japan …).

  • Daily life in Tokyo & travel around
  • Today’s issues in Japan
  • Life in Russia and Uzbekistan
Château d'Osaka

Château d’Osaka


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