Welcome to Japan, 2014


Welcome to the English section of this blog, dedicated to my life in Japan.

Far from guidebooks and cliches, I wish to show the twenty-first century Japan where the genius borders madness, the beautiful the ugly, revealing contradictions and contrats between urban modernity – the most advanced technology – and urban tradition, popping up at a corner.

Japan is a fascinating country with a rich history of 2000 years … Recovering from the traumas of History, Japanese have made their country a leader in the world today and tomorrow, constantly pushing toward new challenges in order to progress.

Far from unicorns and glitters, Japan is a land where strong issues deserves as much attention as its formidable culture.

Because the hidden face of Japan fascinates me, and it seems to me that revealing a country can only be accomplished once the wonder is past, by educated observation.

I am neither a sociologist nor a specialist in Japanese history. I do not pretend to assert absolute truth but I want to show Japan differently.

Because I love Japan, good sides and bad sides altogether, I want to share it with my readers.

Thank you for all constructive notes, opinions, stone building that you could make.


About Amélie-Marie (177 Articles)
C'est en 2007 que j'ai pour la première fois posé le pied au Japon. Depuis, je n'en suis jamais tout à fait rentrée. Amoureuse de l'archipel, mais aussi des voyages, j'aime écrire à propos des mes expériences de vie, des autres cultures que je croise. Je travaille depuis 2015 pour Coto Academy, une école de langue de japonais et Coto Work, une agence de recrutement sur Tokyo.

1 Comment on Welcome to Japan, 2014

  1. Big fan of Japan as well :))


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